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Benefits of Same-day Dental Crowns

Benefits of Same-day Dental Crowns

Jul 01, 2020

Soon as you notice a rot on one of your teeth, worry begins to creep in. The concern over which dental appliance and what kind of procedure you will get can be overwhelming. While it is up to your attending dentist in Salmon Arm to recommend the best appliance, that may not be enough to calm your nerves. Sometimes the problem has to do with the long hours of a procedure, which is often anticipated from most dental treatment. However, what if your dentist could assure you of a speedy treatment plan? Would you consider it? Read on to learn more about same-day dental crowns in Salmon Arm.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns in dentistry are tooth-shaped devices that are placed over damaged teeth to repair them. Crowns are very popular for fixing different oral problems, ranging from dental decay to broken teeth.

When you have an oral problem, a dentist is highly likely to prescribe dental crowns for your treatment. While they are convenient for treatment, the procedure may not excite you as much.

Process of Getting Dental Crowns

Crowns are installed using dental bonding procedures. You can expect the following steps from your procedure:

  • Cleaning – this process involves removing the damaged part of a tooth. It also Entails cleaning the tooth to remove any debris and bacteria that might be present.
  • Enamel shaving – it is the process of trimming the enamel of the target tooth to make room for the dental crown. The amount of enamel trimmed is usually equivalent to the size of the dental crown to be installed.
  • Impressions – the dentist takes impressions of the shaved tooth. The impressions are necessary for creating the perfect dental crown with the right fit. After the impressions are taken, the dentist installs a temporary dental crown. This should serve you for a couple of weeks as your dental crowns are being prepared.
  • Installation – on your second dental visits your dental crowns should be ready. The dentist will then prepare your teeth by roughening the surface a little. This will make the tooth more receptive to the crown, for proper bonding. Afterward, special dental cement will be used to bond the crown to your tooth. In some cases, Curing light is used to speed up the drying process, and then you are cleared from the hospital.

Introducing Same-day Dental Crowns

They are dental crowns that are installed in one dental visit. Ideally, you do not need to wait for your dental crowns to be prepped in a dental laboratory before you get them. They are the side-step every patient looks for when it comes to dental procedures. If you are looking for a quick fix that is still effective and reliable, here are a couple of benefits associated with same-day dental crowns:

  • No need for temporary dental crowns – as you wait for typical dental crowns to be prepared, you have to wear a temporal crown that will later be removed. While this is not a lot to have you complaining, temporaries can be ill-fitting and uncomfortable to wear.
  • Saving time – if you have a busy life, time wastage rings differently when you are a patient. Anything to speed up your treatment and let you proceed with your normal lifestyle is an eye-catcher. Same-day crowns are just the perfect devices for time-sensitive patients.
  • High-quality material – the ceramics used in creating same-day crowns are sturdy and high quality. Just because you are getting them on the same fay does not mean their quality is compromised. If anything, dental experts ensure they create high-quality crowns designed to remain in your mouth over the long haul.
  • Perfect fit – if you are going to spend money on dental crowns, you may as well go for the best fitting ones available. The technology used to develop same-day dental crowns is precise and accurate. This assures you of a perfect fit, taking into consideration your bite patterns, the contours of your mouth, to mention a few. This will make your experience with dental crowns worthwhile.
  • Simple procedure – a couple of steps will be skipped during same-day procedures. For example, the dental putty stage required for taking impressions of your teeth is not necessary. Such things will not only make the procedure short but also much simpler to perform.

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