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Can You Repair Dentures Broken in Half?

Jun 01, 2022

Broken dentures are a severe issue that affects your eating and speaking abilities besides leaving you with an empty mouth. Unfortunately, if your dentures break in half, ensure that you contact denture repairs near you immediately.

The prosthodontist at denture repairs will happily discuss your options to help get your mouth back on track. Of course, you must remember anything you do is only a temporary fix, but the prosthodontist you visit can provide a permanent, safe, and effective fix.

What Can You Do in a Denture Emergency?

The most significant issue that can affect complete dentures is a prosthesis fracture. Prosthesis fractures occur when your dentures break in half. Generally, the top denture endures a prosthesis fracture, but it can also happen to your bottom dentures. Unfortunately, a broken denture adversely affects everyday tasks like chewing, eating, and swallowing.

You also confront aesthetic problems with a broken denture because it is disastrous for your smile, making it embarrassing to open your mouth. The situation worsens when your dentures break during a presentation at work, on your first date, or on a special occasion. However, whatever the circumstances, you will want your denture repaired quickly and effectively.

What Can You Do with Broken Dentures?

For starters, you can determine what has gone wrong because, in some cases, you might be able to fix your dentures, and in others, the damage might be significant. The damage depends on how your dentures break. Denture damage can occur in several ways. For example, a piece of pink acrylic can fall off, a tooth may break or crack, or the denture may split in half.

If your dentures have split, the best option before you is to take the broken denture to the prosthodontist because they are the sole professionals skilled at performing denture repairs.

Can You Repair Dentures Using Superglue?

If you have a broken tooth that has fallen out, you might consider using superglue to stick it back into the pink acrylic. While it may seem like an affordable short-term remedy for the broken denture, you must refrain from using this technique because it can cause permanent damage to your dental appliance and require you to invest in new dentures. Instead, you must call the dentist near you for help, confident that you will soon have your dentures fixed by a professional.

Permanent Dentures Have Benefits

Removable dentures undoubtedly have their benefits but are also accompanied by some downsides. Therefore if you don’t want to confront the challenges of removable dentures, you should consider permanent dentures anchored by dental implants.

How Long Should Dentures Last?

Removable dental prosthetics generally have a lifespan of around five to seven years if cared for appropriately. Unfortunately, your dentures are susceptible to damage which might occur faster due to improper handling or breakage when cleaning the appliance. If you damage your dentures before their expected lifespan, please do not try to repair the appliance yourself but seek help from a professional to safely and effectively restore the device.

Prevention Is Better Than a Cure

You must ensure you take excellent care of your dentures if you want them to care for you similarly. Your dentures might appear incredibly durable, which they are to a certain extent.

Unfortunately, dentures do have their limitations, making it imperative that you remain highly cautious with them. The teeth of your dentures can loosen or even break from the base. Furthermore, any part of your denture can fracture, chip, or break. If you break your dentures, you must ensure you minimize the damage to enable the technician to fix them quickly. Controlling the condition of your dentures is challenging in some cases. However, dentures break because of entirely preventable accidents needing repairs by a professional.

Steps to Take When You Break Your Dentures

If your dentures break unexpectedly, visit the dentist near you immediately without trying to repair them with denture kits available in drugstores or superglue. These techniques are often ineffective and will damage your dental appliance. Instead, leave the repairs to a technician with knowledge of how to fix your denture and restore all the abilities you lost by providing a same-day appointment.

You must also follow your dentist’s instructions on caring for your dentures and maintaining them just like your natural teeth. However, if your dentures break in half, a visit to Montebello Dental Clinic provides a solution that helps restore your dental appliance at the earliest.

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