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Concerned about Discolored Teeth: Use Teeth Whitening Tips to Make Them Brighter

Mar 01, 2021

Concerns of discolored teeth bothering you? You can research teeth whitening near me to find a remedy for the discoloration. However, you can expect confusion to hit you because of the plethora of products on offer from drugstores and online retailers. Whether the products help remove the discoloration or not, they are affordable and can tempt you to invest in them to whiten your teeth.

If you think straight and white teeth give out a perception that you are smart and thriving in a career or romance, you would do everything possible not to miss out on a prospective new job or a partner merely because you don’t have perfect teeth. To help you in your goal, we provide some teeth whitening tips beneficial for having white teeth.

Continue reading to learn more about the teeth whitening tips we suggest:

Dental Cleaning

Visiting the dentist in salmon arm for a thorough cleaning is the first step of getting whiter teeth. A dental cleaning removes surface stains to make your teeth appear whiter. The dental hygienist also polishes your teeth with gritty toothpaste to brighten and smooth the enamel. When you have smooth teeth, they are unlikely to stain quickly.

Customized Teeth Whitening Trays Dispensed by the Dentist

You can discuss teeth whitening treatments with the dentist salmon arm after you have your teeth thoroughly cleaned. Do not consider teeth whitening as a DIY procedure because you waste money on useless products and perhaps expose yourself to harm that may damage your teeth.

If you want teeth whitening, dentist V1E 4N3 can promptly provide in-office treatments for teeth whitening that deliver instant results. You can also consider customized teeth whitening trays dispensed by the dentist as an excellent option. The personalized trays use lower strength whitening gel spread over several weeks. The whitening trays deliver a permanent color change because the gel penetrates the teeth deeper. The custom-made trays fit your mouth precisely and are reusable overtime to maintain your bright and white smile.

Limit Staining Foods and Drinks

The dentist near me advises that you limit or avoid foods or drinks capable of staining your teeth during and after the whitening process. Staining foods and beverages include dark chocolate, dark berries, coffee, tea, red wine, and cranberry juice. The dentist also recommended avoiding acidic foods because the acids destroy the enamel to expose the yellow dentin beneath. Sugary foods and beverages are also detrimental because they encourage bacteria leading to tooth decay and discoloration.

If you find it challenging to avoid or limit staining drinks, an excellent option is to use a straw to ensure the liquids don’t pass over your teeth. It would be best if you also rinse your mouth immediately after having any staining foods or drinks. Remember, you don’t have to brush your teeth right after having these foods because they wear down the tooth enamel.

Quit Smoking

If you want whiter teeth, an excellent method to adopt is to quit smoking entirely. Stains from tobacco are challenging to remove from the teeth because they are trapped in the grooves and openings of the enamel. The colors cause your teeth to appear yellow or brown. The teeth whitening treatment should be a motivator for you to quit smoking forever. Your body and your smile will undoubtedly be grateful to you for it.

Have an Excellent Dental Hygiene Routine

Excellent dental hygiene is vital to have brighter and whiter teeth. It includes brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing at least once daily, and visiting your dentist for six-monthly cleanings and exams. These simple steps will put you on the path to having a brighter smile for longer.

Please don’t neglect to brush your tongue because bacteria in your mouth settle there to cause lousy breath and possible staining. Switch to an electric toothbrush if you are still using a manual one. Electric toothbrushes effectively remove stains on your teeth to keep your pearly whites looking whiter and brighter.

As can be seen, maintaining your teeth in excellent condition is the best way to keep your teeth gleaming. You must also include crunchy fruits and vegetables in your diet because they help clean your teeth. Dairy products can strengthen tooth enamel to avoid tooth decay and discoloration. Most importantly, don’t forget to have plenty of water throughout the day because it washes away food particles, keeps you hydrated, and encourages saliva production to help rid bacteria from your mouth.

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