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Invisalign® FAQS

Invisalign® FAQS

Sep 01, 2020

Misaligned teeth, whether mild or severe, can affect your smile and your dental health. For years, metal braces have been the treatment of choice for many people. However, because they are visible, fixed (cannot be removed), and are uncomfortable, most people are looking for alternatives. Fortunately, we have clear aligners that are different in design than the conventional ones, but function the same way. Invisalign has a popular option among adults because of their convenience.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign braces are a system of aligners that works with the same principles as the metal braces. They gradually change the position of the teeth according to your treatment plan. The clear aligners are made of flexible plastic that is molded to fit your teeth.

Who Can Benefit from Invisalign Treatment?

Salmon Arm Invisalign braces are mostly suited for adults. Invisalign demands a high level of hygiene and discipline for the treatment to be successful. The braces are removable but can be taken off only when eating and cleaning, not when you feel like it. You need to wear braces for 22 hours every day. It is easy for children to forget the correct time to remove and wear braces.

How is The Invisalign Treatment Done?

Invisalign treatment is curated just for you using modern dental technology, and it involves a few steps:

  • The evaluation and mapping process

The treatment starts with a smile scan. Dr. Cottle will examine your dental structure and using a 3D scanner; he will capture the image of your teeth.

The dentist will map out the Invisalign treatment plan using software that helps to determine the pressure and the amount of time needed to correct your malocclusion.

Next, we will show you a preview of how your smile will look like at the end of the treatment.

The digital scan is sent to the lab to create the aligners.

  • The treatment begins

You will receive different aligners based on your treatment plan. These clear aligners are to be worn for 22 hours every day, 14 days each set.

During this treatment period, you will need to visit the dentist every six to eight weeks for assessment and also pick up the next batch of aligners.

  • The retention phase

After the Invisalign treatment is complete, you will get a retainer to help maintain the new position. With a retainer, your teeth can revert to their original position. Our dentist in Salmon Arm will give the instructions to follow when wearing the retainer.

How Long Does the Treatment Last?

This will depend on dental malocclusion severity. Some people report positive results within weeks of starting the treatment. However, the treatment can last for 18 months.

Living with Invisalign

Invisalign braces will not change your lifestyle, as is the case with the metal braces. You will have the liberty of eating what you like as long as you remove your braces. But, remember, hygiene is of great importance, so here are a few tips:

  • Clean your aligners every day when brushing your teeth to remove any buildup. Avoid using toothpaste. Also, rinse the braces before putting them back on.
  • Keep the aligners moist when you are not wearing them by soaking them in water.
  • Wear braces for 22 hours for the best results.

Honor your dental appointments to check the progress of your teeth and make adjustments if needed.

What Can You Expect During Your Treatment?

The Invisalign braces gradually reposition your teeth, which can cause slight discomfort. You will feel the discomfort when you first wear the braces and every time you change the aligners. This pressure does not last long; neither does it disrupt your life, so there is no need for pain relievers.

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As an adult, you may be reluctant to get orthodontic treatment because of the traditional braces’ discomfort and appearance. But, with Invisalign, you can attain a better smile with no hassle. These braces are invisible and rarely cause any gum discomfort. Visit Montebello Dental for an assessment and discussion on how the Invisalign treatment will benefit you.

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