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Your Teeth Need Help from Vitamins and Minerals: Learn Why Here

Your Teeth Need Help from Vitamins and Minerals: Learn Why Here

Oct 01, 2021

Over 90 percent of the adult population in America suffers from tooth decay or dental cavities. Gum disease while not as familiar facts and alarming 70 percent of adults. Tooth decay affects over 40 percent of children between two and 19 who also are affected by gum disease.

The primary culprit behind oral health issues is improper dental hygiene. People neglect to eat a balanced diet essential for strong teeth and gums. The food you eat and the beverages you consume can strengthen your teeth. On the other hand, consumption of incorrect foods and drinks softens the teeth causing you to cope with tooth discoloration. Therefore it is essential to understand the role of vitamins and minerals and the necessity for your oral health.

Why Are Vitamins and Minerals Essential for Our Oral Health?

Having well-balanced meals ensures you receive proper nutrition. The meals you have supply your body with the essential nutrients needed for optimal health. When you have a diet lacking in nutrients for your health, it affects your teeth and gums adversely in various ways.

Poor nutrition makes it challenging for your mouth to battle infections. Bodies without nutrients don’t have a source for tissue repair and renewal. The lack of nutrients increases the risks of dental infections and gum disease.

Are There Any Vitamins and Minerals You Must Avoid?

Many types of foods and drinks contribute to the weakening of the teeth. Substances containing high quantities of sugars and starches are the most concerning. Sugary and starchy foods promote acid production in the mouth leading to the erosion of your tooth enamel, the most rigid tissue in the body. Weakened teeth become susceptible to physical damages like breaks, chips, cracks, and tooth decay.

It helps if you remember your oral health is directly associated with your overall health because many studies reveal a strong relationship between oral and chronic diseases. Keeping the above in mind, it is time for you to start eating healthier. You will act wisely by stocking up your refrigerator and pantry with foods and beverages that promote healthy teeth and gums. While doing so, you must ensure they contain the following vitamins and minerals.

What Vitamins and Minerals Help Improve Your Overall Health?

The Dentist in Salmon Arm recommends any foods and beverages you stock must contain the following vitamins and minerals:

  • Calcium: an effective way of strengthening your teeth is consuming more calcium because this mineral is a significant component of the bones. Your teeth are similar to bones and need calcium to maintain their structure and strength. You can get calcium from different foods and beverages besides milk. For example, Americans eat approximately 35 pounds of cheese and receive substantial calcium from the consumption.
  • Potassium: If you want a mineral to boost bone density like vitamin D getting healthy doses of potassium is essential. The general dentist near you recommends getting potassium from foods like bananas, lima beans, tomatoes, avocados, prunes, and Swiss chard.
  • Vitamin D: Pairing up your sources of calcium with vitamin D-rich foods boosts the calcium absorption rate in the body. Simultaneously vitamin D improves bone mineral density. Sunlight is your best ally to produce vitamin D in your body. Therefore it is wise to step out to spend some time in sunlight for a few minutes whenever possible with sufficient sunscreen for safe exposure.

Besides the above, your teeth receive help from healthy amounts of vitamin B3, vitamin B12 and B2, vitamin C, and phosphorus. In reality, the dentist near you suggests having a balanced diet every time you visit them for a preventive care visit to evaluate your teeth and gums. These vitamins and minerals are beneficial to keep your teeth and gums healthy making you less prone to infections and dental conditions.

Visit The Dentist near You to Keep Your Mouth Healthy

Merely having vitamins and minerals will not help to keep your oral health in optimal condition. You must also visit the dentist nearby for routine exams and cleanings, enabling the dentist to detect oral health issues in your mouth and provide prompt treatment if required. Vitamins and minerals are essential to boost your dental health by keeping your teeth and gums healthy. However, if you neglect proper dental hygiene and visits to the dentist, the positive effects of vitamins and minerals are negated to leave you concerned with dental health issues needing expensive treatments.

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