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Denture Repairs in Salmon Arm, BC

Denture Repairs in Salmon Arm, BC

Over a great deal of time, most things need to get fixed. Hiring a maintenance man to come and take a look at your washing machine or even maybe your refrigerator is something that you have to get done once in awhile over many years. When comparing the cost of maintenance to the cost of completely replacing a large ticket item, it definitely seems more worth getting maintenance done. The same can be said of dental appliances. What constitutes a dental appliance? Well, if you use a mouth guard for bruxism, maybe even a retainer after having alignment work done, and even dentures, then you are the current owner of a dental appliance.

In today’s article we will be discussing dentures, and how denture repairs can keep your smile feeling fresh, new, and functional in the future when a repair may be needed.

When Might You Need a Denture Repair?

Dentures often need to be repaired because of fractures and breakages that are typically inevitable due to how often your dentures are used, and the function or purpose they perform. Taking out of the equation what kind of material is used in your denture, and even how often they are utilized, fractures most commonly happen because of a poor fit or a mishandling of your dentures.

For example, if a denture does not fit correctly, when it is being used to chew or bite food, the force applied to this structure causes microfractures in the material of the denture causing irreversible damage down the line.

How the Repair is Done

The most important kind of denture repair is found in realigning or refreshing the material. For example, in the case that your gums or bone under the denture change over time, the fit of the denture will inevitably begin to become more and more poor. Resetting the size is the best option under these circumstances, and if caught early enough, your dentist can add back material to the denture to improve the fit. However, in the case that your denture needs more serious structural repairing, then it can be sent to a dental laboratory to be completely fixed.

Are Your Dentures Due for a Repair?

In order to slow the repairing necessity, be sure to strictly adhere to all of the recommendations given to you by your Salmon Arm, BC dentist in caring for your particular set of dentures. However, as stated before, your dentures will inevitably need repairing at some point in the future. Once this is the case, feel free to give our Salmon Arm, BC office the call, as we would be happy and helping your teeth bit and look the way they always should. Give us at Montebello Dental Clinic a call today!

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